France 2016 Music and Outreach

Randy and his band had the privilege of performing and sharing in ministry in Paris, Toulouse in July of 2016.  They played in Parks, on the streets and in  Squares as well as in concert events in Paris and outside of Paris at the “Gospel Cafe,” and in Toulouse.  It was a great time and lives were changed!  Even with the Nice terror attacks while they were there, God used even that to reach hearts.  Enjoy some photos of the gang in France!

Some building in Paris!

             Some big metal structure in Paris!  🙂

Band on the run... or the streets.

The Randy Mayfield Band on the streets of Paris!

Cafe concert in Paris

            Playing the “Gospel Cafe” outside of Paris, France

The band and their favorite street vendor. He loved "Johnny Cash!"

       Our favorite Street Vendor in Paris. (He loved anything by Johnny Cash!)

The band and church team in Toulouse.

          The Music team and Church team from EPET in Toulouse, France

Pastor Michel shares in the Park

           Pastor Michel shares in a local park in Toulouse, France

Band plays in the Capitol Square in Toulouse.

        Playing in “Capitole Square” in  Toulouse, France

God protect us... and so did these guys!

                      They took good care of us in Toulouse!

Randy preaches in Toulouse.

                 Randy preaches in EPET church in Toulouse

Randy enjoys the Van Gogh apartment in Arles, France.

                Feeling “Van Goug-ish” in Arles, France

Randy at Van Gogh restaurant where he painted. (Van Gogh, that is!)

At the restaurant that Van Gogh painted in Arles, France

Randy & Sharon... young love! :)

        My girlfriend and I in Southern France!