Randy Mayfield

Randy Mayfield


Randy Mayfield is an accomplished singer & songwriter who has traveled extensively, both in the U.S. and internationally to more than 85 countries.  In addition to his live performances in venues as diverse as the Fox Theater, Powell Concert Hall and the Sheldon Theater in St. Louis.  The Grand Old Opry, the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville & The Long Beach Arena.  He has performed in concert halls all over Great Britain, Eastern and Western Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Randy has performed the National Anthem for numerous professional ball clubs including singing for the St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox and many others.  He has led chapel services for both the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball and STL Rams football teams. He’s also performed in concert at Federal prisons and jails throughout Missouri, Illinois, Texas and California.

He has performed for a number national conventions and conferences including; Christian Businessmen International, The “MOPS” National convention, “Fellowship of Christian Athletes, “COSIM” National Mission’s conference, RCA Marriage Conference and several local, national and International women’s, men’s, youth and worship conferences.  

Randy has been nominated for four regional Emmy awards and has received numerous national music awards for his singing and songwriting including the Billboard Songwriting Awards and the Christian Artists “Song of the Year” award at Estes Park, CO.

Randy has produced a number of CD’s including seven CD’s of his own songs that can be found on all online music sites, including “Classic Randy Mayfield,” “Christmas in St. Louis,” and his latest CD collection entitled, “The Journey.” He also produced and performed on, “A Cardinal Christmas” for the St. Louis Cardinals and his music and concerts have raised over $200,000 for local and international charities and ministries. His song, “The Rally Squirrel” was featured during game 6 of the 2011 World Series on Fox Sports.  Many of his videos can be found on Youtube and his music can be downloaded on CDbaby.com, I-tunes, Amazon and all online music sites.

"The Journey" by Randy Mayfield

“The Journey” by Randy Mayfield

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Dr. Mayfield is the Pastor of Missions & Outreach at the Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri where he has served for more than 36 years and he serves as the Chaplain for the Clayton (St. Louis) Police Dept.

E-mail:  rbmayf@aol.com  Phone:  (314) 727-2777 ext. 133

Music here; http://www.cdbaby.com/Search/UmFuZHkgTWF5ZmllbGQ%3d/0  Photos.  (See photos and publicity pics. in menu.)   http://www.randymayfield.com/promotional-photoshead-shots/                       

Randy and his bride, Sharon!

 Rev. Dr. Randy & Sharon Mayfield


Nov. 7-14:  IRAQ – (Work in refugee camps/military) *See report & pics. below.       Dec. 5-12:  BRAZIL Mission Conference/concert  

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Flag of Kurdistan

Flag of Kurdistan

Iraqi Flag

Iraqi Flag

MISSION TO IRAQ 2015:   We had some great times visiting with our friends in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan region)  We brought assistance to several refugee camps near Erbil and near the border of Iraq and Syria, Turkey, etc.  Met and shared meals with Yazidi’s, Syrians, Christians and others.  Also had some great time with our military friends at the border as the allied bombing began.  Hope to go back in Feb.  Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers! Enjoy some photos with our friends below.   RM

*Video link here;     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ysN33KS8m0&feature=youtu.be

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I enjoyed hanging out with my old friend, Kurt Warner today at “Christian Day at the Ballpark” at Busch Stadium. He was our featured speaker and he did a tremendous job sharing the Gospel, even after enduring an 18 inning game.

Randy & Kurt

Randy & Kurt at Busch Stadium

I first met Kurt in 1998 when he was the third string QB for the St. Louis Rams.  I did occasional chapel services for the Rams at the time and I also sang the National Anthem for Kurt’s very first NFL win!  (As you know, he went on to lead the Rams to a Superbowl Championship in 1999-2000)   Here are a few pics. of Christian day!

Kurt shares on Christian Day

Kurt shares on Christian Day

Kurt in press room

Kurt in press room

Christian Day crowd

The Christian Day Crowd

The Gang on Christian Day; Mike, Karen, Margot & Randy

The Gang on Christian Day;
Mike, Karen, Margot & Randy

 FRANCE TRIP UPDATE:  (Updated July 18, 2015)

I had a great week in Paris and Toulouse.  Attended the annual “Paris Prayer Conference” with friends and then went down south to Toulouse and visited my friend Malia.  I had the privilege of staying in her pastors home and it was wonderful.  They lived in a little village just about 20 minutes outside of Toulouse lined with farms, fruit trees and wheat fields.   Beautiful.  I spoke and sang in their little church there.  I’ve already been invited back with the band to sing and do some outreach concerts next July.  We’ll do a couple of stops in Paris and Toulouse.  Here are some photo highlights of the trip.  Enjoy!   Randy at the Louvre Randy & Mona at the Louvre

Our team in Paris (Cyndy, Ellen, Nico, Randy, Karen and Erin  (Mary Ann was hiding! Visiting around Paris (the Louvre, Eiffel Tower) with the gang!Nico Farelly & Central team Eiffel Tower, ParisTeam at lunch in ParisThe Paris Prayer Team 2015 Team with Maria Jose Colle

ENGLAND 2015: 

WE SANG IN WORTHING, ASCOT WITH SOME OF THE ALL STAR BAND MEMBERS;  Carl, Chris & Rebekah Sasse, Chris Lowe, Susan Crecelius,   Su Mei Kong.  We also hung with the Mayor and his wife! (Below)

Randy & Sharon Mayfield with Worthing Mayor, Vic Walker and his wife Rosemary. Me and my girl on the beach.Sharing with the folks in Worthing.Randy & Susan sing (Su Mei on the keys!)Playing at the Arabic Evangelical Church near Brighton, UKThe Gang at the beach in Worthing, West Sussex, UKRandy & Sharon at St. Mary's Anglican Church.