HONDURAS: The Micah Project

I've just returned with a group of 12 St. Louis folks from the Micah Project in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  We had a wonderful time hanging with the guys at their new pad affectionately called, "Micah 2.0"  It's a beautiful new home located in the mountains next to Villa Linda Miller.  We walked the streets with the guys and met some of their friends who are still on the streets addicted to drugs (mostly glue.)  The Micah Project is a safe haven for street kids where they are loved, housed, taught and they become part of a wonderful Christian family under the leadership of Michael Miller and his fantastic team of both American and Honduran staff.  For more info. on the Micah Project in Honduras, go to;  www.micahprojecthonduras.org Here are some photos from our trip! 10523932_10152604544231708_4832089062334187505_n                              The Beautiful new Micah 2.0 Home
Team in Honduras

The team in Honduras

10538533_10152639755873672_1806743196584376473_n    Michael Miller and team on the streets of Tegucigalpa 10628245_10152641825663672_1242813108828472317_n                                                      Horsing Around with the guys!10644915_10152639756878672_2683643681051773976_n 10649862_10152639757053672_3769766560550864949_n                                  Catherine and Erin bouncing around on the trampoline.10659409_10152639755328672_3658891514719413470_n                                  Randy share his welding "skills" with the Micah guys!10672294_10152637901433672_8536973578930717636_n                      Michael Galbreath with the guys at the "Picacho."10686520_10152605459196708_720685614_o                                                    Hello Honduras!!  Michael Miller at the "Picacho" statue