ALBANIA: Castles, Climbing and Canyons!

I’ve just returned from Albania with Central Elder, Andy Gunn.  We spent about ten days with our two missionary families, Austin & Beverly McCaskill and Klodi and Megina Licaj.

Randy & Andy atop a bunker left from the "Cold War."

Randy & Andy atop a bunker left from the “Cold War.”

While in Tirana, the capital city, with Austin and Beverly, we met the leadership of the “Eagle’s Wings” ministry to girls.  They provide housing and Christian care for girls who are orphaned or trafficked and who need a safe environment to live in. Currently, there are four young ladies in the home. They hope to expand this number when the Lord provides the funding.  It cost’s about $7000 per month to operate the home and they are living on faith month to month.  Andy and I had a great time sharing with the girls and we even gave an impromptu concert. (OK, I sang but Andy clapped along!)

We then drove about two hours south to the city of Berat where we spent a week with our national missionaries, Klodi and Megina Licaj.  They are church planters and they have built a small group of people into a stable church of around 75 to 80 persons.  They have a vision to build a church building (they meet in a rented space now) and community outreach center to reach Berat and the surrounding area. This is a huge goal for a small church, but they have the vision and faith to bring it to fruition if God so leads.

Randy with Missionaries in Albania

Randy with Missionaries in Albania

We enjoyed sharing in worship, ministering to their Men’s group and Worship team and especially visiting a couple in the church who are disabled (he is blind and she is partially blind) but who are great prayer warriors and they also go out into the villages to share the gospel on a regular basis. The husband, Yuli, also preaches in the church from time to time and is mentoring others as well. We want to help renovate their apartment that currently has no kitchen or bathroom.

Randy sings at "Disciples of Jesus" church in Berat, Albania

Randy sings at “Disciples of Jesus” church in Berat, Albania

Please pray for the McCaskill’s, the Licaj’s and the Disciples of Jesus Church as they work to share the Gospel in Albania.  Oh, and as for the title of this article… We visited a beautiful mountain Castle, a vast and great canyon and river, and I climbed more than I ever expected or wanted to climb!

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