Our Baby is on the Way!!

Well folks, it's countdown time.  Mandy will be induced on Tuesday (April 29th) and Sharon and I fly to Alaska on Wed. morning hoping to arrive before our little granddaughter does.  Mandy was experiencing some preeclampsia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-eclampsia) so her doctor felt it best to get the little one out as soon as possible for both mom & baby's safety.  Mandy is at around 38 weeks, so all should be good.  Please pray for a safe and easy delivery as it could be "tricky."  We're excited and you know I'll keep everyone posted on Facebook.  Blessings!  RM
Little brother is ready!

Little brother is ready!

Benefit Concert for Micah Project was a Big Success!

In a few days, I will have a full report on the recent concert at the Sheldon Concert Hall, but it was an awesome evening and $12,000 (actually, more than $12K after several additional checks have come in as a result of the event!) was raised for the Micah Project.  I should have a few more photos soon and the DVD will be available for purchase.  More details soon.  Thanks to all who supported this wonderful evening!

1291963_631626160239233_4270602138090316145_oRandy Mayfield performs at the Sheldon Concert Hall

Randy singingRandy and Orchestra at the Sheldon

RM & SC duet

Randy & Susan sing "All I Ask of You"