A Few More Pics. from Italy and France

Yes, it's a hard life, I know!  But to be quite honest, I've come out of several busy weeks of hard ministry with several funerals and I have one more just two days after I return in a few weeks and I do have to prepare a sermon and lead worship each week for the church here in Vicenza, so it's not all fun and games! (But don't get me wrong,  I do love it!!)   I also spend a few days with church members each week when possible and  Sharon and I have also had some of our International missionary friends from around the world visit to encourage them and so they could get some time away.  Some of them really need the time away from their ministries to help in their marriages,  work and personal stress levels and just to enjoy good fellowship with friends.  We hope that we're providing some of that for them as we too need to rest and enjoy God's creation.  So, here are a few more photos of how things are going and how good God is.  We'll post some photos of the church service later in the week also.  

A LIttle French girl who just sat down bedside us to play with her ball and the rocks at Nice Beach.   What a cutie!


Speaking of cuties, Here's a pretty German Girl who was trying to impress me with her water skills!  I'm impressed with her already!

Another friend in Nice!

Another friend in Nice!  Topless sunbathing... what can you do!


NIce, France beaches!


He was around so I went by to say Hi to the Pappa! It's all good. He doesnt look too happy??!!


Beautiful Venice Houses on the water.


The Gondolier on his boat in Venice.


It was Him!!  With our good friends.   Sami was "brolarious" the whole trip!