Classic Concerts with Randy Mayfield!

I had a great time in England recently speaking for schools and doing some concerts.  We had a great classical concert with a great little orchestra in Worthing, England.  I'm looking forward to heading back to Budapest, Hungary this winter also for another concert with the Solo Deo Gloria choir and orchestra for three nights!  I'm their poor man's Andrea Bocelli!  If you'd like to hear some of the songs that I've sung with orchestras in Russia, Hungary, Iraq and England, go here to hear samples or purchase songs;  ("Classic Randy Mayfield") randymayfield6 If you like something more contemporary, you can check this page out; ("The Collection")  randymayfield4 or here; ("Go the Distance") randymayfield1 If you'd like to talk to Randy about a concert; you can contact him here; and on Facebook. Or call (314)727-2777 ext. 133. Here are some fun retro photos from "back in the day." And here's Randy with some "friends."  Enjoy!