Benefit Concert for Micah Project was a Big Success!

In a few days, I will have a full report on the recent concert at the Sheldon Concert Hall, but it was an awesome evening and $12,000 (actually, more than $12K after several additional checks have come in as a result of the event!) was raised for the Micah Project.  I should have a few more photos soon and the DVD will be available for purchase.  More details soon.  Thanks to all who supported this wonderful evening!

1291963_631626160239233_4270602138090316145_oRandy Mayfield performs at the Sheldon Concert Hall

Randy singingRandy and Orchestra at the Sheldon

RM & SC duet

Randy & Susan sing “All I Ask of You”

Post Christmas Update

Hey All!  Sorry that it’s been a while.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Sharon and I celebrated with her family here in California.  Justin came out as well.  Good times, too much food (Had to stop at “In ‘N Out” burger also!)

"In 'N Out" burgers!

“In ‘N Out” burgers!

We’re hanging out at the beach house for a few weeks and enjoying God’s beautiful creation!  

Bodega Bay, California

Bodega Bay, California

Speaking of beautiful creations… we just found out that our new grand baby (due in May) will be a girl.  We’re excited for Mandy & Brian and excited to be grandparents!

Mandy & Baby

Mandy & Baby

I had a great trip to Budapest, Hungary earlier this month and had the privilege of singing in concerts for the Roma’s (Gypsies) and three sold-out concerts in Budapest.  Great choir and orchestra under the direction of my friend, Tunde Futo.  I’ll post some more photos when I get them.

Friends in Budapest

Friends in Budapest

Have a blessed New Year!  RM

Here are a few photos from the concerts in Budapest.  Enjoy!

Concerts in Budapest

Concerts in Budapest




Randy with Tunde Futo

Randy with Tunde Futo


Poster low res

If you’re anywhere near Budapest next month, please join me for any of three Christmas concerts.  I’ll be singing with a great orchestra and the Solo Gratia Choir on Sat. Dec. 14th at the Budapest Fasori Reformed Church and then 2 concerts on Sunday, Dec. 15th at 5 and 7 pm the Biatorbagy City Hall Auditorium.  Tickets are free but you need a ticket to attend as the concerts sell out fast!  Drop me a note for more information.  Tunde Futo will be conducting the choir and orchestra.

UPDATE:  All three public concerts in Budapest were packed and they went great.  Wonderful orchestra and choir under the direction of Tunde Futo and the guest soloist was ok also! :)   Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.  We also gave a mini-concert for the Roma (Gypsy) folks a few hours out of town and that was fun also.  Thanks Gyruri and Timmi. I’m home now in California with family for the Holidays.

Pre-Sale Sheldon Concert Tickets available now!

Randy Mayfield at the Sheldon Concert Hall.  Friday, April 4, 2014  7:30 pm

Randy Mayfield at the Sheldon Concert Hall. Friday, April 4, 2014 7:30 pm

Tickets for the Randy Mayfield Concert at the Sheldon are on sale NOW directly from Randy.  You can pick up tickets at the Central Presbyterian Church or e-mail Randy at to order your tickets.  They will also be available on Metrotix online or by phone on Dec. 1st with an additional handling fee.  All $50 VIP seats are sold out  (sorry!)  but plenty of good $20 Orchestra seats and $15 Balcony seats are available.  Get yours today!

Proceeds from the Randy Mayfield Concert will benefit the MICAH PROJECT in Honduras.

More links:    &

Randy Mayfield in Concert at the Sheldon Concert Hall, April 4, 2014

RM at Sheldon

Hey Friends.  Join me on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 7:30 pm for a classical concert at the beautiful Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis.  We will have a wonderful String Orchestra under the direction of Chris Sasse and special guest soloist, soprano, Susan Crecelius. David Kowalcyk will grace the piano and Patrick Crecelius on guitar.

Pre-sale VIP seats are on sale now for $50 and are very limited. (VIP SEATS ARE NOW SOLD OUT!)  Orchestra and Balcony tickets go on sale in December from Metrotix ( or you can save on shipping and handling and pick up tickets from the Central Presbyterian Church in Clayton, MO.

For more information, call or e-mail me at;,  (314) 854-0133.

Proceeds from the concert will benefit the Micah Project for street kids in Honduras.

Hope to see you all there!

Greece is the Word…and it’s beautiful too!

My lovely bride and I just returned last night from 10 days in beautiful Greece.  It was a working trip as I led worship for a conference of missionaries and Christian leaders from Albania and Greece on the island of Corfu.

The beautiful waters of Corfu, Greece

The beautiful waters of Corfu, Greece

After the conference, Sharon and I took a few days of R & R and visited Athens with all of it’s history (Acropolis, Parthenon, etc.) Athena's Temple at the Acropolis

Athena’s Temple at the Acropolis


The Parthanon in Athens, Greece

The Parthanon in Athens, Greece

And then we spend a few days on the island of Santorini where we also went on a Sunset cruise.  What a blessing to be able to serve the Lord and enjoy his beautiful creation at the same time.  God IS Good!

Sharon in Santorini, Greece

Sharon in Santorini, Greece

Oia, Santorini

Oia, Santorini

On our balcony in Santorini

On our balcony in Santorini

We’re home now in time to see our Cardinals win the World Series.  We’re going to the game on Sunday!  I hope the “Rally Squirrel” shows up again and brings us our 12th Championship.

The Rally Squirrel

The Rally Squirrel

I’ll be home in November and then heading to Hungary in December to share in three Christmas outreach concerts with choir and orchestra.  (Come and hear us in Budapest Friday-Sunday, Dec. 13-15.)

“Flying Stinks!” – Rated PG-13

OK, this may not be suitable for everyone.  It’s PG-13 and if you don’t like to talk about bodily odors, then skip to the next article…but after several recent trips around the world on airplanes, I have to speak up!  Flying stinks!  Literally, it stinks!  But, I have a bit of a cure thanks to my brilliant bride, so keep reading to the end!


Yes, flying stinks!  On a recent trip to a large continent, I was flying alongside several nationals.  Yes, I know that our cultures are different and I do appreciate how all of us are different and we should revel in our differences… to a point.  But when it comes to smell, it’s often hard to adjust.  The dear man who sat down next to me had a obvious aversion to deodorant, body spray, cologne and perhaps bathing…. Hey, don’t judge me, I said that I understand cultural differences, but unfortunately, my nose does not! :)  It was hard for me to bear the funky fragrance and by the grace of God, an aisle seat became available nearby and I quickly took advantage of it. (I didn’t make it obvious, just that I wanted an aisle seat!)  I could still smell the lingering odor of my friend down the aisle, but it wasn’t quite as pungent a few rows away.  Fortunately, the lady who was sitting on the other side of him was sleeping, or perhaps she had fainted, I’m not sure!

Then, as on all flights, there’s the issue of pressure and it’s unfortunate result on the human body.  One of the top pet peeves for every flight attendant is, yes, you guessed it… flatulence!  Yes my friend, gas-passing, the cutting of the cheese, farting… whatever you may call it.  I was recently returning from another international flight and about an hour into the flight, I thought someone had passed away.  They certainly passed something all right.  It was truly tear jerking!  Seriously folks, get up and head to the head! Wow!  Really!  And it went on for the next hour.  While I couldn’t hone in on the exact location of the potent putridity, though I think it was the loud, large lady in front of me, it was certainly nearby.  (And like most of us, we just hope that no one else on the plane thinks it’s you!)  Anyway, the flight attendant walked by with quite a bit of perfume on and it helped a lot.  She may have even inconspicuously sprayed something, I don’t know.

Finally, though not as bad as the previous two “stanks” is the tasteless but odiferous food that is served in coach.  While most of the usual cheesy chicken and putrid pasta dishes taste terrible, their smell permeates the cabin for hours.  And God forbid, as I had the privilege a few months ago, you are flying in India where Curry is King!

So, what’s the answer to this predicament aside from not flying at all?  Well, my bride has a great idea that I need to follow more often and that I would commend to you.  She carry’s one of  those three-sided soft head rests that have a cloth cover that can be washed and… you can put a fabric softener sheet inside!  Yes my friends, the life saving fragrance of the cuddly soft Snuggle bear, the beautiful bouquet of Bounce.  It can save your life.

Why you say, would I devote an entire blog article to smelly planes??  You weren’t there!

Save the Date! April 4, 2014

Hey Friends.  I’m doing a Classical concert complete with orchestra on Friday, April 4th, 2014  at 7:30 pm at the beautiful Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis!  I’d love to see you and your friends there.  Seating is limited (only 40 VIP tickets will be available for the post-concert dessert, a free CD and a “meet and greet”) and tickets will go on sale on December 1st on or from Central Church.  It will be a great night of wonderful music in one of the nation’s premier concert halls. ( I hope to see you there!   Proceeds from the evening will benefit “The Micah Project” in Honduras.  See more here;

The Sheldon Concert Hall

The Sheldon Concert Hall

Randy Mayfield

Randy Mayfield


Heading to Honduras

Just home this week from a great time in Italy!  I’ll be heading back to the land of beautiful colored chicks (see the photo below before you judge me!), abundant street kids and the wonderful Micah Project in less than two weeks.  I just met today with our friend and missionary, Michael Miller who gave us a great report on the new Micah 2.0 home in Tegucigalpa.  Please pray for our team as we go to encourage the boys as well as Michael and his staff and as we travel and minister in this very difficult country.  (The #1 murder rate in the world!!)  Pray for our boys as they grow up and go to school and learn to live free from drugs as they live in the Micah house with others who have had similar backgrounds.  Pray for Michael and his staff as they continue to teach and minister to the boys and young men of Micah and the Timothy Leadership House on a daily basis 24/7.

For more on the Micah Project and their new home, go to;

New video by photographer, Justin Mayfield on the Micah 2.0 Home inauguration in August;

Blessings,  RandyDSC09070

Those colorful “chicks” that I referred to!

The Micah boys sing their National Anthem, “Tu Bandera

Randy learns some new tricks!                                  Randy learns some new tricks!

Here are some new photos from our trip.  Just got home!

DSC00706 DSC00669

One Happy Street Kid.  He can feel the love!

One Happy Street Kid. He can feel the love!


The angelic Wynn girlsDSC00580

Our team in Tegucigalpa, HondurasThe Micah Boys at the New Micah 2.0 House


The Micah Boys at the new Micah 2.0 House in HondurasBuddy 2

Micah newcomer, “Buddy”




A Few More Pics. from Italy and France

Yes, it’s a hard life, I know!  But to be quite honest, I’ve come out of several busy weeks of hard ministry with several funerals and I have one more just two days after I return in a few weeks and I do have to prepare a sermon and lead worship each week for the church here in Vicenza, so it’s not all fun and games! (But don’t get me wrong,  I do love it!!)   I also spend a few days with church members each week when possible and  Sharon and I have also had some of our International missionary friends from around the world visit to encourage them and so they could get some time away.  Some of them really need the time away from their ministries to help in their marriages,  work and personal stress levels and just to enjoy good fellowship with friends.  We hope that we’re providing some of that for them as we too need to rest and enjoy God’s creation.  So, here are a few more photos of how things are going and how good God is.  We’ll post some photos of the church service later in the week also.



A LIttle French girl who just sat down bedside us to play with her ball and the rocks at Nice Beach.   What a cutie!


Speaking of cuties, Here’s a pretty German Girl who was trying to impress me with her water skills!  I’m impressed with her already!


Another friend in Nice!

Another friend in Nice!  Topless sunbathing… what can you do!


NIce, France beaches!


He was around so I went by to say Hi to the Pappa! It’s all good. He doesnt look too happy??!!


Beautiful Venice Houses on the water.


The Gondolier on his boat in Venice.


It was Him!!  With our good friends, the Liddawi’s  Sami was “brolarious” the whole trip!